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Real Estate Lawyer in Granada

On many occasions, a sales transaction ends at nothing at the last moment due to legal disputes between buyer and seller, as well as urban conflicts with municipalities, agencies and companies. To protect these operations from situations like these, it is advisable to resort to the legal advice of a real estate lawyer.

What does a real estate lawyer in Spain do?

The most common task of a real estate lawyer is to make a complete diligence checking all legal aspects related to the property that you want to buy or sell, so that the operation is carried out with total legal certainty. The main task of the real estate lawyer is to be a guide for his client so that the sale transaction does not violate the legality:

study of the situation of the property (registration, charges and encumbrances, construction status, urban situation, etc.).
 Resolution of disputes over urban planning related to the property.
advice on contracts, documents, expert reports, paperwork and claims.
advice on legal proceedings related to the property, such as evictions, inheritances, mortgages, conciliations, separations and divorces, compensation for breach of contract of sale, civil and contractual liability, etc.

The services we offer as specialized lawyers in the real estate sector can take away many headaches and facilitate a sales transaction, guaranteeing the full legality of the operation. This is especially beneficial in those complicated and insecure operations, such as housing with ownership problems, real estate in complex urban situations, deteriorated housing and any contractual conflict.

With our real estate lawyer services, the operation of buying and selling the property will go smoothly, without worries.

What are the advantages of hiring a real estate lawyer in Granada – Spain?

There are several reasons why to hire the legal advisory services of a real estate lawyer in Granada when buying a home. To begin, they will deal with any legal problem with the house. They will study the legality of the sale and purchase transaction, assess the risk of the transaction, negotiate foreclosure and sale contracts, and advise us on any situation related to the operation.

Thanks to our lawyer specializing in real estate, we will not only have legal guarantees in the purchase of a home, but will also advise us in other legal proceedings related to housing, such as a neighborhood dispute, a conflict with the City of Granada, a breach in the sales contract, or during an eviction process.

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